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Our practice areas developed to meet a changing global marketplace

The Indo Canada Ottawa Business Chamber is a registered not-for-profit corporation under Canadian Federal laws.
The objectives of the Corporation are: To fund and carry our activities and programs that are beneficial to the Indo-Canadian business and professional community and the community as a whole, in a way which the law regards as charitable, including:



To educate and create a public awareness of the principles, practices, values and philosophies of Indo-Canadians in Ontario by developing and conducting programs available to the community at large which incorporate such Principles, practices, values and philosophies. To create and promote business and networking opportunities among members of the Indo-Canadian community in Ottawa, Ontario and Canada. To liaise with other charitable, educational and government agencies in Canada and India to develop business and community educational programs for Indo Canadians. The Corporation is a membership-based organization and invites members from all walks of life that believe in the objects of the corporation. The membership as outlined in the membership section is structured in a manner that allows for corporate, individual or affiliated memberships. Affiliate memberships are especially intended to encourage participation by members’ spouses and for student members. They may also be used by those who may wish to seek a short term membership in the organization. Affiliate members are not eligible to vote.

The Corporation seeks sponsors to support its activities and organizes annual events to allow for a broad-section of the community to participate at its events.

The ICOBC Objectives

  • To facilitate for possible synergy amongst members.

  • To strengthen Indo-Canadian interest in the socio-economic and political fabric of Canada.

  • To work with other Indo-Canadian organizations for mutual benefit and realize

    common goals.

  • Creating learning opportunities through seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • To strengthen the economic, political, trade and investment relations between

    Canada and India.

  • To recognize the contribution and achievements of Indo-Canadians at the annual awards gala.

  • To recognize the contribution of any Canadian towards significantly improving the

    relations between India and Canada at the annual awards gala.

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