Nominated Directors

Arundeep Singh Nirmal

Arundeep has been serving the community with his travel business for last several years. He is a well recognized personality in the Indian diaspora, with a great passion to do well and excel in his work. He originally started his career as an IATA instructor and has worked with several big international airlines in India and Middle East. He is a TICO and IATA certified travel manager and holds over 60 highly accredited travel certifications. He truly is a firm believer in the idea of giving back to the community and does so with all his generosity.
Arundeep has been volunteering in the Ottawa Sikh Society for the past 12 years and has truly and faithfully delivered on his idea of giving back to the community. The raison d’être for him joining the ICOBC board is to help local businesses with his expertise to grow their businesses and excel in their stride to success.
Arundeep is a man of his words, he is committed to providing an excellent service in his domain of expertise. He is highly motivational, ecstatic and a radiant personality. His work is a mere reflection of his experiences in life and is motivated to achieve big. He has a great influence on the people that he comes by and is a popular personality among all ages and communities.